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What can I expect on the first visit?​


When you first arrive, we will have paperwork for you to complete, which for most people takes no more than 15 minutes. After that, you will meet with Dustin Dillberg L.Ac., PAS, AET for a thorough consultation, health history, and examination to determine the nature of your problem, what the best course of treatment would be, and if diagnostic testing is necessary when applicable. This usually takes between 20-30 minutes. Typically clients start treatment on the first visit.



How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments required depends on the nature of your complaint. For an acute condition, a single treatment may be sufficient to resolve it. A series of four to eight treatments is found to be effective for many common complaints. Some chronic conditions may require many treatments over time.

Adjunct therapies and self-care techniques can be used to accelerate your progress and reduce the number of treatments required. This may include manual therapy, herbs, dietary modifications, nutritional supplementation, specific exercises, relaxation techniques, as well as postural rehabilitation therapies (Egoscue method).

Unlike conventional Western medical treatment which primarily treats illness after it arises, Chinese medicine excels in its ability to keep you in balance so that you do not get sick in the first place. It is recommended that you seriously consider including regular acupuncture “maintenance” in your health care program. By receiving periodic treatments to maintain balance in the body, you can avoid developing serious and debilitating symptoms in the future and sustain greater vitality. Some people receive monthly treatment to stay in balance. At minimum, four treatments a year at the change of seasons are very effective in supporting the immune system and keeping you healthy.

We will work with you to look at the most cost effective way to heal your condition and maintain your health, and make recommendations in accordance with your financial and time requirements.




When can I expect to start feeling some positive results?

Again, that depends on a number of factors like the severity of condition, age and healing ability, and compliance with your individualized treatment plan and recommendations. We schedule regular follow-up visits with all our patients so we can closely monitor your progress. If it seems you are not progressing as quickly as we would expect, we may make changes to the treatment plan, recommend further testing, or refer to a specialist with whom we work closely. While we cannot predict how quickly a patient will respond, if you are accepted as a patient in our office, we do expect progress, and will not allow treatment to continue indefinitely if we are not seeing it.



Is it necessary to utilize a combination of services or can I use them individually?

Most of our patients actually seek out our office for the very reason that we offer integrated complementary health approaches under one roof. However, not all patients are candidates for every approach. It is our job to make our best recommendations to support your healing in the shortest amount of time possible, as well as ongoing ways to maintain your health and well-being. At all times you are in charge of your own health care decisions and we will support your decisions regarding your body and your health.

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