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Pain Free Kauai


Better Care Starts with You!


"After three treatments with Dustin the swelling in my feet is gone!  Need I say more"
After months of swollen ankles and feet, medications and frustration, it is amazing that only after three treatments my feet and ankles are back to normal.  I am now a believer of Acupuncture.  Weekly visits are helping with no signs of the swelling returning. -Bart


"I have been visiting Dustin for a few years now. Since I began visits I have better flexibility, mobility and heal faster than I ever have and in my sport this is a huge advantage. Mahalo Pain Free Kauai."​ -Jeff Hubbard



“The Quality of treatments and Thoroughness of explaining options was wonderful. My Mother is very happy with Dr. Dustin Dillberg!” -Audrey L.


"I've know Dustin personally as to his dedication and knowledge to health for several years since I met him. I also have known Kirby's work ethic and persistence in her accomplishments as well. The team is a natural for making a strong influence on health to Kauai."​ -Matt G.



"Don't give up, Dr Dustin can bring you relief. If you are taking lots of pain medications, or feel a malaise that you can't describe. Please don't be miserable, there is help for you!"​ -Sharon H.



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