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Jack Freestone

"I'm honored to work with someone like Dustin Dillberg, as he has a global understanding of the many different needs the body has in recovery and becoming "normalized". He adds a unique and often over looked brilliance to the simplicity of how the body rebounds and can be managed from hard training. His knowledge and understanding is few and far between allowing us to continue to demand more out of our athletes when we traditionally, could not. "  - Brian MacKenzie

Brian MacKenzie, A world-renowned strength and conditioning coach, author of Power Speed Endurance, A Skill Based approach to Endurance Training, . He created Crossfit Endurace, 3FU3L, and AthleteCell. MacKenzie a specialist of movement, skill, and mechanics, has been featured in Competitor Magazine, Runners World, Triathlete Magazine, Men’s Journal, ESPN Rise, The Economist, and Tim Ferriss’ New York Timesbestseller The 4-Hour Body. 


"After three treatments with Dustin the swelling in my feet is gone!  Need I say more"
After months of swollen ankles and feet, medications and frustration, it is amazing that only after three treatments my feet and ankles are back to normal.  I am now a believer of Acupuncture.  Weekly visits are helping with no signs of the swelling returning.


​"I have been visiting Dustin for a few years now. Since I began visits I have better flexibility, mobility and heal faster than I ever have and in my sport this is a huge advantage. Mahalo Pain Free Kauai."​

Jeff Hubbard​


​"Why let ur pain hold you back from your dreams? See Dustin and his team NOW, my life is changed because of it!!!!"​

Abi S.

"Don't give up, Dr Dustin can bring you relief. If you are taking lots of pain medications, or feel a malaise that you can't describe. Please don't be miserable, there is help for you!"​

Sharon H.

"I've know Dustin personally as to his dedication and knowledge to health for several years since I met him. I also have known Kirby's work ethic and persistence in her accomplishments as well. The team is a natural for making a strong influence on health to Kauai."​

Matt G.


"You come in Happy. You leave Happier!"

E. M.

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