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Posture Therapy Online


Our Online Therapy is the fastest and easiest way to get the help you need from the comfort of your own home. Your posture will be evaluated and you will be provided with a personalized set of posture corrective exercises. 


Fill out the form below and upload your posture photos (front, right side, back, left side: see our our Posture Photo Instructions below). Delivery of your purchased online posture exercise routine will be delivered via e-mail by the Saturday following your received payment. 

Posture Photo Instructions:

*Photos are best when taken against a plain background, level and include the entire posture head to toe. 



*Women – shorts (must be able to pull-up pass your knees) and a tank top (or if comfortable: sport bra top) 


*Men- bare chest and shorts only. (shorts must be able to pull-up pass your knees)


For the photos, please wear as little clothing as possible. Barefoot please.  

*No shirts, socks, or additional clothing as it interferes with the photo only identification of the 4 major load joint positions relative to one another.  


-Please march in place on the spot and stand in your normal stance.  


-Then have someone help you take four photos: (front, back, right side, left side)


-We need to see your total posture from head to toe. 



Single Therapy Online $125


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